Eyes On Me: Wearable Pink

Welcome to the first post in the new segment, Eyes On Me. I do my own tutorials and cheaper product versions of makeup gurus.

I love pink and am always looking to wear it at any given chance so when I get the chance and think about incorporating my own version with everyone, I am all for it!

I did this after I saw the tutorial from MakeUpbyTiffanyD on youtube. She is a sweetheart and a lovely person from all the videos I have seen of her. I really love how she does her makeup and her long lashes! I took her eye tutorial and used cheaper, inexpensive products that will allow you to copy the look easily. I used part of my Madame Milly Makeup Set, pink eye shadow trio and the eyeliner and AVON Waterproof mascara. As long as you follow the steps to TiffanyDโ€™s video, you will able to achieve the look. The Madame Milly Makeup Set was about $8.00 when I bought it. It comes with a lot of items. I will do a review on it. I bought it from Kohl’s.

See how simple and easy it looks? I think it does and it is totally wearable during the day but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to add a darker color in the outer V.


What do you think?

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