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I don’t know about you but as a college student, I cannot afford stickers that are huge for the planner community. If you don’t know what I am talking about, Erin Condren planners are the big thing right now. Due to my budget, I decided to go for the cheaper and sensible route for me. If you love stickers, just remember that you can always get a great deal at craft stores if you use a coupon.

So, to start off, my planner is from Target. The company is Blue Sky and I am obsessed with how cute this is. I purchased this for $7.99, I think. The great thing about Blue Sky is that they had different formats that allows you to have options with each design.


I decided to go with the kind of planner that is broken down by time. It is hard to see (sorry!) but the top row is “Today’s Top Three” which is great for my daily goals of what I would like to accomplish for the day. The middle row goes from 7AM-7PM. The bottom row is “Tonight” which I use as a to-do list for the day that is not necessarily a goal. Homework goes in the bottom row.


Hopefully, this edit is brighter for you to see. I did not write my week because my class schedule usually goes on the pages. However, I think you will get the idea. I use a binder clip to make sure I can quickly flip to the week. The washi tape I use is really great to add a little more character. The yellow and brown anchor washi is to designate when my lunch is when I am at school. The chevron is for big breaks of time for myself to do other work. Anything that I need to do, class or meetings, is written in pen.


What I use:
-washi tape: I get most of my washi from A.C. Moore and they come in bulk sometimes so you can get a tube of 10 for a good deal. The chevron was in the group of 10 and it is pretty great!
-pen: I use the Pilot G-2 pen in 0.7mm. This pen is my absolute favorite!

How do you plan?


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DIY Flower Jars

It has been so long since I have posted a DIY. I wanted to share with you how to make some cute flower jars by reusing and recycling. Since there are no windows in my office space, I needed something that created a little more life in the rather empty space. Granted the garage-turned-studio is full but as for greenery or “life” it is lacking. I think that in total, I only spent $12 because I already had the glass stones and jars (aside from my mermaid one).


I went to my local Dollar Tree and found some flowers that I thought would please my eye by being light in color and cooler. I tend to stay away from really warm colors.


I had all of these from my house that my mom wanted to pawn off on me since she had no use for them. The only ones that I actually went out to purchase were the green ones when I used them as makeup brush holder.


All you need to do is arrange the flowers in a way that pleases your eyes. I think that this turned out super cute! The bottle is an Honest Lemonade bottle. If you don’t have any bottles or jars, you can go to a Goodwill or garage sale and you are likely to find something that will work for you.


This mermaid vase is from TJ Maxx and I got her for only $14.99. The anchor necklace was a set from JewelMint. I am still upset that they stole $59.95 worth of credit from me. Anyway, this mermaid jar is really pretty because it scoops, unfortunately not show, and created a beautiful shape.

Hope you liked! Share with me your floral arrangements.
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Review: Fiskars Forged Scissors 4″

Since my profession lies with costumes, I am surrounded by stray threads all the time. I didn’t invest in a good pair of snips until last year and I thought that I had found it. Well, I am here to tell you the pros and cons about the Fiskars Forged Scissors 4″. Also, this is just my experience with these. I have since purchased other snips recently but will probably do a review later on after I have used them extensively.

Forged Embroidery Scissors (4")

[Fiskars 4″ Scissors]

I really need to realize that if I am going to use something every single day that I need to invest in a good pair of scissors. I saw these at A.C. Moore and wanted to use a coupon to get them cheaper. My goal of buying snips was to get a pair that had a sharp point. I purchased these and found that they worked out so well for the first few months. I could snip as much as I wanted without having to cut at weird angles.

After the first couple of months, I found that the snips were already so dull and also the screw that held the snips tight were now loose. I have since screwed it back together multiple times and have sharpened them. I don’t think that I would purchase these again. The fact that these don’t stay sharp as long isn’t the problem since this would have to be blessed by the sewing goddesses to stay sharp. Mostly, this is a poor review because of the construction and design of the snips. I am just upset that the screw won’t stay tight without being too tight. Every time I have to tighten the screw it becomes really difficult to fluidly cut threads and then becomes loose after a couple of snips. I think that they are great for the occasional stitcher but for someone who uses them daily, it isn’t that great. Gingher is where I am heading towards eventually but I haven’t bitten the bullet on it.


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DIY Nail Polish Key

I love that I painted my key because I still keep my house keys on my lanyard. I get back to my sister’s house when the lights are pretty much gone so it is really nice to be able to have some definition as to what key belongs where.

What you will need:

Nail polish
Clear nail polish
Painter’s tape

  1. Tape where you want the paint on your key to stop.
  2. Paint on one smooth, thin, layer at a time and let dry in between coats. If you have binder clips, those would be most helpful when applying the nail polish.
  3. Remove the tape and apply a clear coat.

Now, for wear and tear, the edges have worn but the actual face of the key is still in great condition.



DIY Card Washi Banner

I had just moved into my sister’s house when I knew that something had to be done to make my jewelry spot look beautiful. I found this scale coral washi tape for $3.99 at A.C. Moore and knew that this was “the one”. I have to say that my card banner is quite possibly one of my most favorite things in this world.

What you will need:
Tall washi tape
Cards (or what you would like to put up)
Clothes pins
Push pins


  1. Apply the washi tape across your desired surface and try to make it as even as possible. Even though I had a wood board that was even, it was hard to make it so no bubbles were present! My sister actually fixed it for me.


2. Cut a piece of twine that is longer than the length of your washi tape. I left mine hanging about 12″ or so longer on each end. Make sure you tie your twine or wrap it around the push pin.

3. Place the push pins tautly to match the corners of the twine, this will probably be adjusted to be tighter when you put weight from the cards. I placed mine about an inch above the corners of the push pins.


4. Take your clothes pins and attach them to your chosen cards.

5. Pin the cards to the twine and adjust the twine as needed to prevent it from sagging.


Ta-da! I think that this is so cute and I have arranged my jewelry area to look so beautiful and classy, in my opinion. I will hopefully be posting a full picture sooner or later.

Send me a pic if you do this!


P.S. If you are wondering about the wooden hanging plaque, my dad made it! He had some scrap wood and screwed it to the wall. The metal hooks are from Dollar Tree and they are super sturdy! My jewelry organizers are from Bed Bath & Beyond.

DIY Chevron Jar

Don’t throw away those burnt candles just yet! I have the perfect DIY that can add a nice touch for any location.

What you will need:
1. An old candle, preferably a large container.
2. Paint of your choice. I used Americana’s Coral Blush.
3. Painter’s tape.
4. A paint brush.
5. Something to lay over your work space. I just used from craft paper I had lying around.
6. Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls (see step 4).


  1. If you still have wax in the candle, use a candle warmer or place in the microwave (under supervision) and clean the container.
  2. Start by taping how many chevrons you would like. I decided to just go with the shape of the candle jar and made three points.00a72799-ac22-4d05-a209-a008ef7e8d8a_zps84b4vwjp
  3. Paint as many coats as needed to make the chevron pattern opaque.
  4. Any mistakes? Use some rubbing alcohol to clean up the bottom in case there was any bleeding from the paint.

Yipee! You now have a lovely chevron jar that can hold a lot of things! If you are placing a lot of sharp objects into the jar, you can hot glue a circle of felt inside so that it will have a layer of protection.

Tag me if you make this! Social media on the sidebar.


Goo Gone + Old Dry Erase Board

Welcome to the second post of Crafty Mermaid! I wanted to share a life hack with you all about goo gone.

You know when you have those dry erase marks or words that won’t ever come off of your dry erase board? I am calling all professors, teachers, students, anyone who has a dry erase board! Not all I love a clean white board that doesn’t have a speck on it and at one point, I had words written on and hadn’t taken it off in over ten years. So, what is a girl to do? Well, douse it in goo gone, of course!

Okay, technically my mom mentioned it and instead of scrubbing away for hours, I let goo gone sit for ten minutes or so and it slowly began to come off!

I complete forgot to snap a picture of the finished, clean, board but I can promise you that this definitely works!

-The Mermaid Network

DIY Niche

For this month’s Crafty Mermaid, I wanted to share the importance of having a niche or a spot in your home that really is your own. I know that it can be really hard to find and you might not have all the space in the world but here are some tips of mine and how I created a niche at home. (My niche at my sister’s house is totally different, so I might do an update in the future)

1. Find a spot. This might be really difficult depending on how much space you have. I love natural light and use it as much as possible. My room has a window and it wasn’t being utilized correctly. I decided to clear some space, donate or sell what I could, and then make the spot my own. I don’t like to choose my bed because it isn’t that great to be in bed all day, so at least I am off to the side.

2. Make it comfy. Instead of putting a desk, which wouldn’t have really worked in my niche, I chose to add an ottoman that has a lid so you can store stuff and some large pillows. I think that an ottoman is perfect when you want to sit or use it as a desk while you relax on pillows.

3. Easy to clean up. Sure, you might just want to leave your niche in the place you were the most comfortable but it can make the room look messy. The very top picture of this post is what I did when I wasn’t using my niche. I think that being able to clear up the area and make it look neat made me feel like my life wasn’t a total mess. Psychologically, anyway.

4. Do what makes you happy in your niche. I don’t like to do “work” if I can help it while I am in my niche. I like the idea of just enjoying time reading, blogging, or listening to some great jams.

5. Have a great view or something that pleases you surrounding you. No one wants to be in a boring location that has nothing to offer peace of mind. I loved that I had a window to look out of and enjoy when the sun was shining but I was cool as a cucumber.

So, there you have it. Tweet me pictures of your niches!

-The Mermaid Network