I am from the United States, specifically North Carolina, and absolutely love mermaids. I have a lot of ideas and they spill into the content that I released to all of you. I call you my Fleeters because although you may be here for a couple of moments, you (hopefully) come back to say hello. I am so happy that there is a community where I can speak my mind and also share my experiences with.



PO BOX 3024
Matthews, NC 28106

Places I have been featured on:



CONTENT: All content is created by me and only me. I like to write and create content that is different and that come from places/things/people that inspire me. Any opinions are 100% honest. I mean, if I don’t like something, why lie about it? You can always trust this mermaid when it comes to honesty of a product. None of the posts on The Mermaid Network have ever been sponsored to date.

SPONSORSHIP: Any sponsorship/partnership/product for review inquiries can be placed in my “Contact” section in the menu bar or you can email me at: themermaidnetwork@gmail.com. Currently I am very interested in sponsorship but as stated above, I will be 100% honest. I reserve the right to state pros and cons of each product.

GRAPHICS: The banner for The Mermaid Network and any future graphics are/will be created by ChristineChenDesigns.

IMAGES: All images after January 1, 2015 are credited. Any images of me have been taken by my sister or brother. I am currently working to get past images, reviews and such, to be taken by myself.


What do you think?

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