Life Update: Graduation, Summer Work and more!



My life has changed so much and yet so little. I wanted to update you on everything that has happened. Also, the above picture is unfiltered and just me smiling and purely happy with my life at this very moment.

I graduated. Yup, you read that right. I just graduated from college after a six-year journey that has led me with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Costume Design. I am so happy to have graduated with amazing people and I hope to continue working with many of them in the future. It has officially been a little over a month it doesn’t seem real but my mind and body are truly at peace.

I am working my first real paid job. As many of you know, I have worked before and it has been minimum wage and I have also worked for free without housing or stipend. I have “paid my dues” so to speak and it has paid off. Let me know in the comments if you want to hear more about what I have done in the past in terms of work and why I chose to work where I did.ย I am working in Massachusetts until end of July. In July, I am leaving to go back home for about two weeks before heading to New York.

I am moving to New York. You know, I never really thought that I would move right out of school. Technically, a summer away counts, right? I am moving there for an apprenticeship that I had two interviews with and then “the call.” I am so happy that I will be able to work with amazing designers and artists to create theatre. Of course, my end goal is still to work in the film industry but this is a great way to gain contacts and really get to know the city.

Blogging tossed to the wayside. I am 100% guilty of slacking on blogging because of finals and since graduation, it hasn’t really hit me. I won’t promise weekly blogging. It isn’t realistic for me in a lifestyle of working late a lot and preplanning doesn’t seem genuine unless they are my travel posts or something like that. So, I will post when I feel like it and let it go from there. I have seen a lot of YouTubers recently who are draining themselves creatively by sticking to a schedule. I don’t want to drain myself and I also don’t want to lose the community I have created on here.

Also, head over to my Instagram (link below) to see what I have been up to and to see more of my day to day life.

Sending lots of love.


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Snow For Days…


Surprise! You get a life post. I will probably do these along with my usual Saturday post. Enjoy.

Too bad the snow is causing me to go in this weekend to work on production needs. Sadly, this means that I will miss a Pokemon Go community event and a friend’s birthday dinner but that’s life. It was fun while it lasted, you know? We ended up getting a total of 6 inches after it had fully stopped snowing. Living in North Carolina and getting this much snow means that the whole state just doesn’t know what to do with itself.


The snow was really fluffy this go-around. Yesterday, I hardly did homework but I did a little bit thinking I was going in today. Thankfully, the school has continued to stay closed and I have been working a little to catch up. My sister and I have been snowed in and enjoying our days at home. Tomorrow, school is canceled until 10 a.m. but that doesn’t mean I am off the hook. I am taking a guest artist we have had to the airport since my professor has a class to teach. You would think that it is odd but it really isn’t. My school is different in the ways that professors and students interact and we are more integrated toย treating each other as equals which are not always the case.

Snow days in NC = CLOSED. I am sure it is hilarious to Northerners who think this is nothing.

How has your day been?

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This is What Happens When You Have a Summer Free

I have been on break from my college now for about three weeks or so? It will be a month soon and I have not done anything that I think would be considered “good” but I think that I have been more productive and function better as a human being this way. I have been able to…

Read books. I miss reading my books so much and I have so many to go through it isn’t even funny. No…not joking, seriously, I do. I have a stack that is literally my height (5’1″ sitting there) waiting for me. You can catch up to what I am reading on my GoodReads.

Actually get up of my own accord. These past couple of days I have been getting up at decent or indecent hours. For example, I woke up around 5-6 in the morning two days in a row and then 9 on another day. I think that the latest that I have slept so far is about noon and that is saying something since I didn’t get much sleep for the last week or so of classes.

Working on my blog(s). I love blogging. Blogging is something that I committed to back in 2010. My first blog that wasn’t a failure is my TiffanytheShopaHAULic blog. I have revamped it since I was pretty absent for about a year or two (sparse posts) from it due to college. I also love blogging on here about my life and I hope that my life doesn’t get too boring since I am not in college and that is where all the “exciting” things happen.

Cleaning. I have finally been able to move my bed which has been covering an air vent for the past eight to ten years. The vent being blocked has always made the summers in my room a little less bearable but now it is pretty good and we have a fan for extra help.

Maintaining the life of a fish. I bought a betta and named him Apollo. Spunky. Hungry. Sleepy. He always freaks me out when he just sits at the bottom sleeping because I think he is dead.

-Fleeting Mermaid