Review: Bath and Body Works Bow Ties and Bourbon


I am so excited to share my first candle review! I think that it is good to know what kind of candles you are buying and what works within your budget range.

Packaging: I am absolutely in love with this mason jar packaging. The label is cute and it draws me in because it is both rustic and classy.

Durability: This candle lasted about 24-40 hours? I didn’t keep track of it entirely but it lasted about a week and a half. I am disappointed that the wick disappeared so that I couldn’t reach the 1/2″ (which you can see) and use it all up.

Smell: This is a light floral smell that doesn’t overwhelm a room but can make anyone who enters feel at ease. This candle is the perfect spring scent or entry to fall scent.

Budget: $12.50. You can get these on sale from $3-$6 depending on if you can get it during the semi-annual or candle sale. I would not buy these unless they were on sale, but that is usually how I treat everything from Bath and Body Works…avoid unless it is on sale!


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Mermaid Candle


I am absolutely in love with this candle that I saw at the Renaissance Festival last year. I think that most of you know that I have a wee bit obsession with mermaids…okay, I love mermaids. Once I saw this, I fell in love. This kind of candle is one that candlemakers have to carve within 12 minutes (more or less) because it will dry fully. A candle like this isn’t something that is a one-go, it is one that you can use for a lifetime as long as you take care of it.

I believe that this candle ran around $50+ which is expensive but they make so many amazing candles that go from Disney to Doctor Who.

Here is their website: Royal Candle Maker

I am not sponsoredย by them, I just love their work and how they make these candles with so much ease.


DIY Chevron Jar

Don’t throw away those burnt candles just yet! I have the perfect DIY that can add a nice touch for any location.

What you will need:
1. An old candle, preferably a large container.
2. Paint of your choice. I used Americana’s Coral Blush.
3. Painter’s tape.
4. A paint brush.
5. Something to lay over your work space. I just used from craft paper I had lying around.
6. Rubbing alcohol and cotton balls (see step 4).


  1. If you still have wax in the candle, use a candle warmer or place in the microwave (under supervision) and clean the container.
  2. Start by taping how many chevrons you would like. I decided to just go with the shape of the candle jar and made three points.00a72799-ac22-4d05-a209-a008ef7e8d8a_zps84b4vwjp
  3. Paint as many coats as needed to make the chevron pattern opaque.
  4. Any mistakes? Use some rubbing alcohol to clean up the bottom in case there was any bleeding from the paint.

Yipee! You now have a lovely chevron jar that can hold a lot of things! If you are placing a lot of sharp objects into the jar, you can hot glue a circle of felt inside so that it will have a layer of protection.

Tag me if you make this! Social media on the sidebar.


DIY Bathroom Decor Part 1

crafty mermaid WM(3)

I am so excited to kick this series off! I hope that I can come up with more DIYs that are something you would like to do too! So, this DIY is more of a buying and placing strategic DIY but I think that it is a great way for you to put your own little touch to everything, even the bathroom.

What you will need:
-Shattered glass container
-Shells you have collected or purchased
-Candle holder

I bought everything but the shells when they were on clearance at Kohl’s. The shattered glass container was only $3.00 and cost about triple that so it was a steal! I knew that I wanted a cute container for the shells. By the way, this is at my sister’s house since her roommates let us decorate it the way we wanted.

The shells I have had since I went to Myrtle Beach, SC a long time ago and now I have a good use for them.

The candle holder ended up being around $3-4 as well since it was on sale and held this beach smelling candle that is more for decoration than actually burning.

I promise that there will be more DIYs that are crafty but I know that this one and the next one are more purchase and put together DIYs! I hope that you will be patient with me on them.

-The Mermaid Network