My New York Life #1: 7 Things I Did/Learned During My First Week in New York

Times Square from 50th St

It’s been crazy that I officially live in NY now. I didn’t expect myself to acclimate as I have. I am really trying to get my life together. For those of you who don’t know…I am in New York working as an apprentice for the next 9 months. I am so happy to have this as a stepping stone in my career and life. I do miss my siblings dearly and I have called my mom more often than I ever did. Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder and give you perspective. So, here are a couple of things that I have learned this week that I want to share with you. I also have some advice. Let me know in the comments below or give this a like. I am thinking of doing this series once a week. New York is not without the most interesting things happening.

  1. Don’t let the comfort of your home stop you from going out. So, when I arrived at my apartment, all I wanted to do was unpack and stay in. However, I didn’t have groceries. So, I forced myself to head out to the grocery store instead of using modern conveniences like postmates or another grocery service or eating out. Not that those are bad, but I wanted to really push myself to become comfortable where I live and the surrounding area. I found an area that had more than just my local Aldi, it was fantastic and I have been back at least two times since
  2. Take the taxi. If you can afford it, take it when you first move to the city. It cost me about $60.00 but I know I wouldn’t have been able to lug three suitcases through the subway and then up the stairs. Most of the subway stops don’t have elevators. So, if you are moving with all that you have, just save the headache and get that taxi.
  3. Subways aren’t that bad once you get used to it. The three words “Uptown,” “Downtown,” and “Brooklyn” will help you gain a general direction as to where you are going in the city. Of course, some of them are not listed and you will definitely have to use Google Maps to help you out. Uptown= goes up towards the Bronx. Downtown= goes down towards Staten Island Ferry. Brooklyn= goes off the main island towards Brooklyn. I know that it may sound silly to say all of that but it has really helped me gain a sense of direction.
  4. If you get lost, explore. (within safety and reason) New York is only dangerous if you aren’t smart about it or at least cautious. I got on the subway and realized I was heading towards downtown. Sadly, you can’t just transfer over, you have to actually get above ground and go to the uptown side, meaning that you will have to swipe your metro card again. I got off after the second stop and ended up at 50th st. I took a moment to see the hustle and bustle of Times Square from afar.
  5. Tourist is not a bad thing. There is so much to see and do in New York that avoiding the touristy spots means that you can really be missing out on the amazing things in life. Like, me getting lost and ending up near Times Square was my first moment of realization that New York is my home for the next year. The museums may be considered tourism but the exhibits are amazing, for sure. I still need to go to the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at The Met! If you end up feeling jaded, go on off hours. Go to Times Square early in the morning when you are enjoying your coffee or experience it at night when the people are in awe of the bright future they see.
  6. Getting my stuff delivered has been a nightmare. I don’t say this to freak anyone out, I am just telling you my story. So, in order to get someone to sublease my room, I ordered a folding bed frame, bed, and mattress cover. My bed frame was said to have been delivered but my roommate did not see it. I called Amazon, who were really helpful and replaced it free of charge. When I ordered my items from UPS, they wouldn’t deliver for the longest time even though I gave them my door code. So, I signed up for a UPS My Choice account, which made things a little easier but not by much. I also have a UPS store close so I had my personal boxes that my sister sent for me sent there. Currently, I am dealing with a desk that I ordered off of Amazon that got shipped through FedEx and was said to have had three attempted deliveries. I was not home for the first time, the second time I was home, and the third time I left them the door code on my account. I called FedEx, she was helpful, and she called the local facility who were really rude. You will find that shipping companies around here are actually really rude. Granted, some of them are really nice. My local UPS, is pretty nice. FedEx, I feel, is the most unreliable where I am living in the city. UPS is hit or miss, USPS has been pretty consistent.
  7. I LOVE the quiet. With the craziness of the city, I am always surrounded by people or noises or my A/C unit. I do not really hear quiet unless my A/C shuts off or I am asleep. I hear so many things throughout the day that I just need that peace and quiet. I don’t want the honking, the screeching of the rails, or the people who will randomly talk to you in a way that is uncomfortable. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the sounds of New York, I do, but I enjoy a quiet mind that comes with stepping away from teh world and into my room.

I hope that this helps you! I know that it was a lot of information! I am hoping that I will get to document more of my time here and give you peaks into my life.




Concert Experience: Broods




love Broods and have since their song “Coattails” came on my Spotify. I was surprised to find that they were on tour and begged my sister (I bought her ticket) to take me. She was happily surprised, thankfully, and it was a concert to remember. The idea of seeing this concert excited me because it was a smaller venue and by a band whom I loved. Michl (yup, that’s how it is spelled), the opening act, was awesome! He had such an interesting voice and performing vibe. During most of his set, you couldn’t see his face and I thought that it was interesting because it really allowed me to focus on his voice and not what he looked like.

Broods came on and literally killed it with every song. I was so happy and moving a little throughout the whole concert. Georgia, the lead singer, danced around and because my sister and I were “second-row” in general admission we got to really see the whole band up close. Honestly, I can’t even explain how much this concert meant to me to really feel the music and let it move my body and be a little more carefree. I loved it.

What has been your favorite concert of 2017? Are you seeing any later this year?

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Introvert at a Concert | Tips to Help

Introverts at a Concert

If you love artists as much as I do, you would love to see them but it isn’t helpful when you get anxiety in large crowds and don’t move like everyone else. It is overwhelming to all senses with the music, people, and possible danger when it comes to being at a concert. I have been to a couple, you can read those experiences at the end of this post. I hope that these tips will help you stay calm and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

  1. Go with friends | If you have similar interests and the people you go with understand how you are in crowds, this will make life easier. I admit that I have complained through the night because of the crowds but my sister, my concert buddy, understands how I am in crowds. I just need space and it is hard when there are so many people.
  2. In the seats | If you are in the sectioned areas that have seats, take advantage of those seats to just take a moment to rest when the artist has just finished a song. You can also use it to just calm yourself down without drawing too much attention. I also appreciated having seats because my feet hurt badly through all the standing. I will say that I didn’t really like the concert experience in the seats though because it didn’t feel as intimate. You can read about that in my Ellie Goulding experience, below.
  3. In the pit | You get an amazing experience being relatively or really close to the artist. However, people are dancing and having fun so you will get bumped into constantly. I am a concert goer who stands still like a statue. A girl actually asked to take my hand twice, I gave it to her twice, and she tried to get me to dance. Not my thing. I appreciated her effort though.
  4. Venue is key | The crowds can be good or bad but you can’t really control that. You can, however, think about the venue that you are going to and how you will do. I love smaller venues because I am closer to the artist and the people aren’t as “inconsiderate”. By inconsiderate, I mean that in a smaller venue, people are less likely to bump into you or take up a large amount of space to dance with their arms out wide. However, this is not a proven fact, just what I have observed in the past. I am not picky about venue and will only go to a large venue if I really love the artist. The only artist I can say that I would do that is for Taylor Swift.
  5. Cash | Don’t bring too much cash with you. $20 should suffice and make sure that you check how much parking is. Also, check if the venue has a fee. I didn’t bring my ID because I thought I wouldn’t need it but the door charged a $3 fee if you weren’t over 21. I definitely was but ended up having to pay for it anyway. Also, most merch places accept cash and, if they don’t, buy what you want online.
  6. Belongings | If you can keep to a small wristlet or small hipster bag, that would be ideal. I, now, only bring my essentials such as my ID, cash, debit card, credit card, phone, possibly a camera, phone charger, chapstick, and my kitty defender keychain.
  7.  Merch | Band merch is awesome but are overpriced a lot of the time. I would say that if it is a band tee that is really awesome, go for it. I generally purchase a t-shirt and poster if they got it. If I can get the items online then I decide to just wait and if I really want it, will purchase it.
  8. Concessions | Keep in mind that you may need to use the bathroom at some point. I will say that water is something that is good to have at a concert because you will get dehydrated from either your singing at the top of your lungs or the body heat around you.

I hope that this helps! You can read about some of my concert experiences below! Any tips? What has been your favorite concert?

Christina Perri Concert Experience
Ellie Goulding Concert Experience
Bastille Concert Experience
Glass Animals Concert Experience
Broods Concert Experience

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Concert Experience: Glass Animals

For a band that has an interesting name, their songs are even more so. I will say that their music gives me some kind of free flowing and chilled out vibes. I actually wasn’t a big fan of their most well-known song, “Gooey”. However, in the past year, I heard other songs from them on the show Reign and I fell in love. My favorites are “Black Mambo” and “Toes”.

The concert itself was amazing. They came out in full force after their opening act, Lo Moon. I came part way into their set but their music is something that I think would grow on me. Glass Animals, although the venue I went to was an amphitheater, felt intimate in the pit. This is the same venue I went to see Ellie Goulding and disliked the experience entirely.

The music was great but the people were a little too eccentric and space hungry for my taste. I think that even in a public place like a concert where people are grooving and moving, it isn’t that hard to still be considerate of the people around you. A girl at two points towards the end of the concert tapped my shoulder and held hands with me in an attempt to get me to dance. I felt awkward that a random stranger wanted to hold hands but she was just trying to get me to move since I stood like a tree the whole time without moving.

Aside from the people, the music has a chilled-out kind of vibe. However, the band adds this amazing energy that just envelopes you into their world.

Overall, a great experience with Glass Animals.


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People On eBay Can “irk” Me…

I sell stuff on eBay, nothing strange, right? Here is what I do to prepare an item to go out and what I put in the details…I make sure that everyone knows that first class items are not given tracking unless requested. No international shipping.

This person wins an item and I sent it out back in September, the 5th to be exact. I didn’t get a message until the 20th. They seemed genuine at first, asking me to advise. I told them that because no tracking was purchased that all I could do was give them the USPS PID# (package identification). I apologized that it would inconvenience them but it would help them get information on the package. They were upset and said it should have been there, clearly upset. I knew that they hadn’t contacted their local USPS because they were still blaming me. I advised them once more to contact the USPS politely with the number, I even sent them a picture of the receipt.

A couple of days ago, I checked my feedback and wondered why it had gone down. I was offended that the person hadn’t even contacted me about a refund because I thought after not hearing from them that they had gotten the package. They had said they were “very disappointed” that their package hadn’t gotten to them and that they weren’t offered a refund.

To me, the fact that they think a refund is the answer immediately is absolutely ridiculous. I always work with my customers for the best solution without compromising my guidelines. I had been nothing but helpful and hoped that they wouldn’t be so revolted by the idea of picking up their phone and call. I also wanted to be sure if the package had gone missing. I sent them a message about how it wasn’t fair to give me that kind of feedback. If they don’t answer back I will be contacting eBay to have them look at this issue.

Keep in mind that I stated that if they did not purchase tracking that it would not be included.

Yep, just needed to let the fumes out.