I am on Youtube | Florida Lookbook

I have always loved video editing. I actually have a youtube account that has all of my manga music videos that I created. So, now that I am out of college, I decided to go ahead and invest a little bit of time into things I love. I love blogging and documenting my life. I also love traveling and remembering where I go through photos and videos. Most of my photos you see on Instagram, but you don’t see the videos. So, I am compiling and creating short travel videos when I go travel. I may also share my travels through video in New York if you are all interested.

Anyway, here is my first official YouTube video. It is all footage from December 2017 when my family and I went on a trip to Disney World. It was my first trip there. Please be kind with any feedback! I have not made too many edits with moving footage, just standard pictures (if you have seen my manga videos).




Concert Experience: Glass Animals

For a band that has an interesting name, their songs are even more so. I will say that their music gives me some kind of free flowing and chilled out vibes. I actually wasn’t a big fan of their most well-known song, “Gooey”. However, in the past year, I heard other songs from them on the show Reign and I fell in love. My favorites are “Black Mambo” and “Toes”.

The concert itself was amazing. They came out in full force after their opening act, Lo Moon. I came part way into their set but their music is something that I think would grow on me. Glass Animals, although the venue I went to was an amphitheater, felt intimate in the pit. This is the same venue I went to see Ellie Goulding and disliked the experience entirely.

The music was great but the people were a little too eccentric and space hungry for my taste. I think that even in a public place like a concert where people are grooving and moving, it isn’t that hard to still be considerate of the people around you. A girl at two points towards the end of the concert tapped my shoulder and held hands with me in an attempt to get me to dance. I felt awkward that a random stranger wanted to hold hands but she was just trying to get me to move since I stood like a tree the whole time without moving.

Aside from the people, the music has a chilled-out kind of vibe. However, the band adds this amazing energy that just envelopes you into their world.

Overall, a great experience with Glass Animals.


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DIY Card Washi Banner

I had just moved into my sister’s house when I knew that something had to be done to make my jewelry spot look beautiful. I found this scale coral washi tape for $3.99 at A.C. Moore and knew that this was “the one”. I have to say that my card banner is quite possibly one of my most favorite things in this world.

What you will need:
Tall washi tape
Cards (or what you would like to put up)
Clothes pins
Push pins


  1. Apply the washi tape across your desired surface and try to make it as even as possible. Even though I had a wood board that was even, it was hard to make it so no bubbles were present! My sister actually fixed it for me.


2. Cut a piece of twine that is longer than the length of your washi tape. I left mine hanging about 12″ or so longer on each end. Make sure you tie your twine or wrap it around the push pin.

3. Place the push pins tautly to match the corners of the twine, this will probably be adjusted to be tighter when you put weight from the cards. I placed mine about an inch above the corners of the push pins.


4. Take your clothes pins and attach them to your chosen cards.

5. Pin the cards to the twine and adjust the twine as needed to prevent it from sagging.


Ta-da! I think that this is so cute and I have arranged my jewelry area to look so beautiful and classy, in my opinion. I will hopefully be posting a full picture sooner or later.

Send me a pic if you do this!


P.S. If you are wondering about the wooden hanging plaque, my dad made it! He had some scrap wood and screwed it to the wall. The metal hooks are from Dollar Tree and they are super sturdy! My jewelry organizers are from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Renaissance Festival 2015

I love Renaissance festivals and have been going consistently for the past three years (I think). What made this experience different is that I got to hang out with my brother by myself and have a really great time winning an ARROW shirt by playing Plinko. Plinko is my favorite Price is Right game and I got to play that to win a free shirt! I chose the Arrow shirt among Flash, iZombie, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. My brother unfortunately didn’t win a shirt but my sister did and we chose a Flash shirt for him.


I think that I might do a guide to learning new ways of doing something every year and not get bored of it. Anyway, I bought 15 arrows for $3 because when you win a free ARROW shirt, you just have to! So, I shot some arrows and ate some fried macaroni and cheese (AMAZING) and had a really fun time. I didn’t get to buy anything mermaid related but that is probably because I have already almost all mermaid related items from them.


My goal for this year, if I go, is to keep shooting arrows until I am a pro like Oliver Queen. Also, still NOT okay about what happened in the mid-season finale.


My First Christmas Party

I hope you all had a good holiday off from work! I know I wasn’t going to post until January but life never stops for a blog. So, December 20 was my first Christmas Party.

Since I don’t have a car right now since my grandma came back from China, I have to be trotted around by my dad. Thankfully, a friend of mine said she would pick me up.

She was late. Really late. The party was more of a drop in and lasted from 6-9. I was picked up at 8 and the drive was 30-40 minutes. We ended up staying until about 9:30 and then went to On the Border which is my new food jam!

I didn’t really interact with my professor’s friends but by the end we had all kind of become aquatinted. I don’t really think that holiday parties are as bad as birthday parties so I enjoyed it.

I may not be ready to ever be at a huge party, but I can at least say I am slowly moving towards being civilly sociable and not awkward turtle.

How to Get Kids into Cooking

Apologies for my absense!! I have been out of the game! Promise I will be back with a new post this Sunday and it will be yummy.

I know that when I was a kid that cooking wasn’t something I could do by myself so I watched my mom cook in the kitchen and was awestruck at all the ingredients and the sense of ease she had. I never really helped too much but I wish I had. I think about the kids who are uninterested and so I came up with a couple ideas that you might find useful.

Ask the kids what they want for dinner and if they want to help and get them to help. I grew up in a family where I set up the table and did some prep work when I got older, it was fun. I think that by asking the kids what they want and then having them help will get them interested in cooking since they already love what the cooking plan is.

Make it a game. Most kids like to be active so have the ingredients you want in mind and then have them find them for you by giving them a place and then descriptions. Yes, this might take longer but it will give your kids something to have fun with.

Teach them the basics. Boiling water is simple, of course you have to go over procedures since they are young and may burn themselves but just keep an eye on them. You can also teach them about using a knife, when they are older, maybe around 10-12 depending on how knife happy they might get, we don’t want any fingers missing!

Grocery shopping. Take your kids grocery shopping so that they can learn about the things that are going into their stomach. They might surprise you with how interested they might become of their favorite foods and realize that an odd ingredient goes into making it. You can also play a grocery game by having your kids, for example, standing in front of the spice area and having them looking for one specific one. By doing this you are letting them observe a situation and getting to their goal.

Maybe this is overwhelming but I think that as a kid I would have enjoyed all of these rather than racing down aisles with the cart.

-The Mermaid Chef

My First…Party

This is a new segment on my blog! I am letting you all know about “My First”s because I think that these are moments in life that are worth remembering either for the better or worse. So far they have been great.

So to put this in perspective, I was invited to a party after the scholarship dinner for my department and I had portfolio review the next morning. Also, I have been invited but have never gone to a party.

My first party and it was something I was not used to because I had never been to one. I go to the after party after changing and my friend came to pick me up. We head over and 24 (for anyone who doesn’t know he was my crush from the freshman year of college) was coming too but separately. I honestly hadn’t thought that he would go but this is his last semester. Anywho, we all hang out together and I notice him with my friend who is also in my field and they are talking and if I really think about it, they would make a cute match because she is outgoing and he is shy but outgoing too.

24 offers me a beer, an Angry Orchard, not sure if that counts but it was good and I drank it all while watching my friend who brought me to the party play beer pong without beer, just water.

I left after about an hour but it was interesting and fun while people did their thing and listened to the party jams and drank TONS of beer. I also had a taste of champagne, another friend at the party had me try some so I drank it and it flowed all over me, not a ton, but still a bit. I coughed and some of the champagne went into my nose but thankfully didn’t spill out. I can’t remember who said this also but it seems that every time I drink that people freak out. I have only had drinks on four separate occassions and it hasn’t made me black out, just a drink or two (I am being absolutely serious). I think that drinking responsibly is one of the most important things that a person can do.

So, my first part was really fun and I got to hang out with people in a social manner rather than academic one.

-Fleeting Mermaid

College Talk – I Think I Have a Social Life…

I have never had a social life. Nope. I only started to have one after coming to college. I keep my school life and home life separate. However, since coming here to college I have wondered why I feel so…guilty. Maybe I am the only one who feels that way but the truth is that because I have never really had a social life, getting one now and stepping away from the major (I literally engulfed myself the first year and a half).

I have started to actually talk to more people and hang out to have lunch or what-have-you. I am adapting to learning to put myself first because I have honestly put myself last in a lot of situations and it isΒ not healthy. So, after realizing that time away from the area I spend my time most, I have accepted that I am getting a balanced life.

Do any of you ever feel like you are drowning at work or school or anywhere to the point where you feel guilty when you do something for yourself? Or is it just me?

-Fleeting Mermaid