Houndstooth Willows

If I could stay in one outfit for the rest of my life, this would definitely be one of them. I love when I can just put on a comfy sweater and look like I have my life together. Wait, do I? Ah, different day, different answer.

Sweater: Belk
Jeans: Ross
Boots: Wet Seal
Bag: Vera Bradley | Hipster | Tutti Frutti



Stars Shine in Gold

The weather was seriously the best it has been in a long while. The temperature was in the 60s and it was too beautiful NOT to go out. I love it when it is cloudless and sunny but not dreadfully hot. With the weather this good I get to wear my really big pieces and still feel good.
IMG_2396 IMG_2398

| Top: Forever 21 |
|Jeans: Forever 21 |
| Earrings: Forever 21 |
| Rings and Bracelet: Forever 21 |
| Sunglasses: Wet Seal |
| Bag: Vera Bradley Little Hipster in Tutti Frutti |
| Shoes: JCPenney |

-The Mermaid Network

More Space in the Smallest of Spaces!

For this month’s Crafty Mermaid I am sharing with you what I like to do with all of my sleeping clothes and jeans so that space is saved and I can store more!


Rolling your shirts is a great way to stay organized! Don’t forget that you can do this with your sleeping bottoms, softer pants, and shorts, even tank tops! I have done this to all of my drawers and it has saved me so much space that I can fit my college clothes and clothes at home, in the drawers, no problem!

No pictures of my jeans since they are in a dark closet with no light, so I will just explain. When I place one jean down, I flip the next pair so that the waist of each jean is opposite of each other, this helps the jeans from becoming the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I hope that you enjoyed this tip and that it helps you organize your clothes!

Do you have any organization hacks? Share them down below!

-The Mermaid Network

P.S. These two tips work super well when packing for a trip too!

The “Perfect” Outfit for Winter

I thought about this a lot and I think that I have found the “perfect” pieces to make the “perfect” outfit. Now, this may not fit most people but I hope that something you see here will help you out since these are mainly basics most people have!

The Sweater


[Unicorn Sweater] [Knit Sweater]

Whether your sweater is a majestic unicorn or a neutral knit, a sweater is really a staple to any winter outfit. Simply having one makes you look put together somehow. By having a graphic or print can help you minimize on jewelry while a textured knit gives you the benefit with adding more jewelry.

Skinny Dark Wash Denim


There is something about dark wash denim that makes an outfit more sophisticated, in my opinion. Having skinny denim makes a difference too, you can see why below…

Knee High Boots


Ah, the sweet sound of heels clicking against the floor. I have to admit that I have only found two pairs of knee high boots to fit me. I had to throw one away because my calves had grown too large. As an Asian, our calves are much larger than the average American. However, large calves or not, if you find knee highs that will slide on and off with ease, grab them and never let them go! Seriously, you will know why once you buy them, they are an investment on the years to come.

Infinity Scarf


[Fashion Diva Design] [Etsy]

The infinity scarf is everyone’s best friend. Not only does this keep you warm but it cannot fall off, nearly impossible, when you wrap it around your neck. You can also use it to cover your head if it is really windy!

So, there you have it, my four “perfect” pieces to make the “perfect” outfit. Let me know down below what you have in your wardrobe to keep you warm during the winter.

-The Mermaid Network

My Manager is the Best!

Monday, September 22

I think that it is extremely rare for someone to work under a great manager who is willing to go the extra mile without compromising personal time or causing more drama. My manager at the place I work two days a week came in on her birthday recently and she was in such a good mood. I had to fix some rivets on jeans and two pairs needed the same kind of rivet. There were only three rivets and I needed to fix four of them…You can kind of already tell where this is going…right? Well, one of the jeans that only needed one I did first. Worst. Mistake. Ever. I messed up and it only left me with two of the same color for the other pair of jeans that needed three.

I ask my manager to come in the back to look at the other and she covers for me absolutely with the guest saying that the one of them had been faulty. The customer accepted the darker color rivet. THANK GOODNESS. You can imagine how relieved I was. The jeans I work on are between $49.00-$200.00. I know that it was absolutely my fault and I would have taken the fall but things turned up and she was so nice and sweet.

Best. Manager. Ever.

-Fleeting Mermaid