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Black Friday shopping was not really that fruitful for me. I purchased a Google Home Mini but that was about it. Cyber Monday was on top of it this year! I decided to purchase from Seatail Shop. I have purchased a gray mermaid knit tail from Mermaid Julie, the owner of Seatail Shop, and she gifted me a gold mermaid infinity necklace. So, when she had 40-80% off on her website, I couldn’t resist.


The thing that had me adding things to my cart left and right were the seashell headphones. They were FREE. All you had to pay was shipping. So, how to avoid that? Spend $29 and get free shipping. I fell into the hole and got two necklaces: a gold bar necklace that has “mermaid” in a script font and a silver infinity mermaid necklace. I also purchased mermaid bath bombs.

IMG_3131  IMG_3129IMG_3127IMG_3133

First impressions of the headphones, in case you were wondering, are that they are comfy even though they don’t come with the different sizes of silicone earpieces. The necklaces are probably going to be my favorite thing since I wear the gold mermaid necklace all the time. The bath bombs are possible the best thing for the winter since I plan to take many baths on my winter break.


Mermaid Infinity Necklace 
Mermaid Bar Necklace
Mermaid Bath Bomb Set
Seashell Earbuds

Holler at ya girl if you have any questions about Seatail! I love the store and I love that they donate to charity.

This post is not sponsored. I purchased all items (aside from headphones which were free in the shop already). All opinions are my own.

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Romper Me This

Whew, long time no fashion post! I haven’t posted much on the fashion side of this blog because of myself. I have been working to really accept my body for where I am and where I am going with it. I have always been self conscious about my body so when I feel good, you will know it. I just love rompers and they always make me feel good. My collection is actually growing a lot! This romper is from Primark and I got it in Berlin, Germany, when I was there costume designing a short film. It was only 8 euros! Can you believe it? Primark is like cheap side of Forever 21 prices with H&M quality.


Romper | Primark | A lovely ruffled neckline that can be off-the-shoulder or scoop neck. The vertical lines are really nice because they make me appear smaller…at least, in my opinion.
Shoes | The Buckle, Inc. | Love my gladiator sandals like no one else.
Ear Cuff | Forever 21 |
Necklace | Seatail Shop | One of my favorite necklaces! I got this as a gift from the shop owner, Julie. She is the sweetest and has a wonderful shop! Please send her some love.
Bracelet-Ring Duo | Forever 21 |
Clutch | Charming Charlie

*not a sponsered post*

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Lead the Way

Rose gold jewelry was a huge hit last year and this is one of the items I bought on sale. I love this rose gold arrow ring because it is interesting and winds around the finger. I think that you could probably still find something similar around other department stores. I purchased mine on clearance from Charming Charlie.

Have any rose gold jewelry you want to share? Post it down below!


Peacocks Can Hear You

I know, super cheesy and a bad pun in the title but what can you do? I also know that there are so many diamonds that are missing because I forgot to apply nail polish to them. Any way, this is one my favorite ear accessories to wear because it is unique and I often get compliments on it. I bought this at Kohl’s on clearance a couple of years ago for about $6.00 and it, for the most part, has been a pretty great investment.


Rompers and Scales

I don’t know about you but rompers are quite possibly the comfiest thing to wear during the summer. Summers in the South are pretty darn hot so when I can wear as little as possible without going butt naked, I am all for it.

Romper: JCPenney
Sandals: JCPenney
Necklaces: Charming Charlie
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Bracelet: Forever 21


I’m So Classy, You Already Know…

I am pretty sure that I got these earrings as a present one year and I, honestly, didn’t like them when I first got them. I thought that they were “too old” for me since I got them when I was so young. I never really cared to dress older for my age, granted I was apparently too risque by my parents because I love lace and all that, which I am sure you can tell from all of my Mermaid’s Wardrobe. Now that I am older, I love to wear these as an accent to add to my outfit. These are definitely whiter than the picture shows but they are still cute.

I think that these are so much more wonderful because they have a sparkly element to them. I think that if these were just plain pearls, I wouldn’t wear them as much as I do.


Vampire Knight Yuki Bracelet | eBay

I love this bracelet! If you have ever seen Vampire Knight, then you will know that Yuki (main character) wears this to protect herself from someone close to her that has awakened as a vampire. I actually bought this because I needed to reach $50 to get free shipping and I was so close. So, I decided to get something anime related. I found this for only $6.00 and it was totally worth it! I will say that the lobster closure is kind of tight but after a couple more uses and it will probably ease up.

You can get your own HERE. Unfortunately, price has gone up but only by a couple of dollars.

What anime memorabilia are you obsessed with?

-The Mermaid Network

The Elaborate Coral Reef Cuff

I love this cuff, it was on sale at Charming Charlie for a couple of dollars, I can’t find the link but I know that I wouldn’t have spent more than $8.00. Cuffs like this usually make my wrist look really chubby but this surrounds my wrist nicely. I think that the intricacies of this bracelet are just beautiful and the mixes of starfish, sand dollars, and fish are a nice touch. If you are interested in nautical jewelry, always check out Charming Charlie during the summer months because they have some pretty good deals like buy one, get one or free coupons for jewelry if you sign up for emails.

-The Mermaid Network