Essentials For Moving Out

With the recent experience of a moving out rush, I have accumulated a couple of things that have been extremely useful to make packing a little bit easier.

  1. Scrap Paper Labels | To save you nice computer paper, grab all your misprints or scrap paper and label all of your boxes. From names to locations it all needs to be written down because when you move, it will make telling movers or yourself where the box goes.
  2. Towels and Paper | Wrap all breakables in towels first. It is helpful and will save you money from having to pay for bubble wrap and other packing supplies.
  3. ABC Store + Sam’s Club + Aldi | Did I get your attention? Go to the anyย of those stores and grab all of their empty boxes, they don’t need it and they are free!
  4. Packing Tape | So, the one thing that spending money on that is worth the full price (or in bulk on Amazon) is packing tape. Seriously, you will be going through a good amount of it. Grab a tape gun if you can help it so that your hands have more mobility.
  5. Garbage Bag Clothing Covers | It is already a pain to have to move all your clothes on hangers so just put clean garbage bags on and overlap the loops around a bulk of hangers. You won’t have to cut any holes and it will save you from having to toss your clothes into a bag, disheveled.
  6. Scissors | The most important to keep in your car so that when you are finished moving, you can unbox them without having to wonder which box you put your scissors in.

Biggest tip: Breathe and take it one room at a time. I didn’t get to help much due to school and being on wardrobe for a production. However, my sister took it one day at a time and it was helpful not to get overwhelmed, especially since she only had one day to pack.

What has helped you during a move? Let me know below!

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Wanderlust #14: 8 Weeks, 4 Pairs of Shoes

I was thinking about traveling recently because I dropped two of my friends off recently at the airport. I am actually dropping another friend off tomorrow so I thought it would be cool to let you all know about how to save room in your suitcase when traveling abroad or for a long period of time.

I am pretty simple with my shoes nowadays. I love flip flops/sandals more than anything else and when I went to Italy and London this past summer, I knew that I had to wear closed toed shoes if I wanted to survive. With climbing a mountain and walking all around the city, it was time to really bring closed toed shoes. I had to really think about what I would really wear every single day and get the most use out of what I was bringing, clothing wise, and how much space that I had.

  1. Shower shoes – I grew up with a mother who didn’t trust communal areas when bathing. I had to share a bathroom with three other girls in Italy in a house and up to twelve over girls in London at the hostel. I purchased my pair from Vera Bradley Outlet. They were $24.00 but were on sale for $12.00. I debated on buying overpriced flip flops but they are well made and much better than the cheap Old Navy pair that I wear to death. Vera Bradley Flip Flops
  2. Sneakers – I needed shoes that weren’t the shoes I had to wear during opera tech. They are gone forever now because I wore them consistently from June to October/November. The shoes were from the 90’s and had a zip up front, a great pair of sneakers I adored. Anyway, these shoes were my everyday shoes that I wore out and about and having fun essentially.
  3. Tennis shoes – I wore tennis shoes when we had tech and performances, essentially the last two weeks of Italy. I did not wear these in London because I honestly can’t stand tennis shoes. I wore this pair of shoes hiking up a mountain and trekking up and down cobblestone streets.
  4. Sandals – My gladiator sandals were the most important pair of shoes because when I wasn’t working, I had a nice pair of shoes that made me feel like me. My sandals, because they zipped up, I didn’t have to worry if they would fall off my feet or not.

So, how does one exactly pack four shoes successfully?

  1. Make sure they can compress or are thin.ย I wore my sneakers on the plane. My sandals and flip flops were easy to compress in my suitcase. The tennis shoes were the hardest to pack because they were quite bulky but necessary. If you don’t need sneakers for any reason, tennis shoes work great so then you can take one pair less.
  2. Outfits go with shoes. I didn’t actually plan it out and wore my sneakers with looks that didn’t look exactly right. It may not matter to everyone but I felt a little self-conscious.

What pair of shoes is your must have?

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Wanderlust #13: Unneccessary Items Packed + What I Wished I Had Packed More Of…

Image result for packing suitcase

I didn’t necessarily pack correctly. I will say that if I didn’t buy anything that I would have been just fine but since there was a Monday market where I was in Italy every week…well, you can see that it was a pitfall for me.

What I actually did not need:
-Sun hat
-Swim cover up
-Swimsuit top
-Some clothes

I didn’t really need a sun hat because I wore it maybe once in the five weeks that I was in Italy. I took my swimsuit coverup once and didn’t really use it, it just got wet unnecessarily. Swimsuit tops were nice but I didn’t use them but once or twice. I don’t swim so it was really just a nice thing to have and not necessary. When packing I didn’t realize how important it was to make everything more versatile. I ended up having to haphazardly mix some of my favorite things and not really liking how they turned out together.

What I wish I had packed more of:
-Show blacks
-Plastic bags

I worked behind the scenes and wish I had packed more show blacks because we had two weeks worth of shows and I only packed two black tank tops and two black leggings. I had time to wash them but it would have been nice to have one or two more pairs. Also, packing one pair of jeans would have been nice because there were days in London that were kind of chilly. Underwear, I had plenty of but it would have been nice to have extras the one or two times I ran really low. Plastic bags were the best thing to bring, I brought over forty (or more) and still ran really low/almost out by the end of my time overseas.

Have a question about bringing an item and how helpful it is to bring it? Ask me below!

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Wanderlust #2: Just A Carry On? + Tips


Guess who packed their carry on one month before she has to leave? This mermaid! I cannot believe that I was able to fit all of my clothes into the carry on that I am taking with me to both Italy and London. I had to be quite picky about what I was taking and not too much. Now, this just includes the clothing and not toiletries and all of that. Now, you can see above that my carry-on is made by Swiss Gear. I am not sponsored by them but I have had a book bag by them for the past 4+ years and it is still in great shape.

The Arbon is a 360 degree spinner. I wanted a 360 degree spinner because I knew that I would need to carry a larger suitcase for my costume supplies. So, travelling solo made it important for me to have at least one of them be a spinner. I purchased this spinner for $49.99 at Ross. I didn’t want to spend more than $50.00 because I knew that a lot of the more expensive carry-on suitcases were overpriced or the “newest” thing.


Cocoly Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have been around for a while now and they have grown, for me, due to the YouTube community. I wanted to be as organized as possible so I purchased some. I love the idea of buying Eagle Creek packing items but they are so expensive. I think that if I were to travel a lot that it would make sense but since I don’t know how often I will in the future, it would make sense to be economic. The link above takes you to the packing cubes I purchased on Amazon. This packing cube set comes with three packing cubes and three pouches for laundry or extra storage.

I decided also to download an app to help me out with what I should take and the decisions that it created for me. I will create a post about that soon!

What went in the packing cubes?


Smallest Packing Cube:
Underwear – 17
Bras – 2
Swim Tops – 2


Medium Packing Cube:
Camis – 3 nude and 2 black
Scarves – 2
Tops – 9 (one short sleeve)


Large Packing Cube:
Rompers – 5
Leggings – 2
Shorts – 2
Jeans – 1
Black Cardigan – 1
Sarong – 1
Dresses – 2


Sleeping Clothes – 2 tops, 2 pants
Sleeping Towels – 2
Socks – 11
Sports Bras – 2

Since I will be gone for 8 weeks, it is crazy that I was able to fit all of that in my packing cubes. I might have to handwash my items in Italy so I wanted to be prepared in case I don’t have time. Also, the numbers on the above packing cubes changed once I started laying all my clothes out on the bed.

Tips to packing a carry on for a long trip:


Roll! You save so much more space by rolling your clothes up.

Spread it out! Put all of your clothes on the bed and look at what you need or don’t need.

Double Duty! My rompers act as a two-in-one since I really just want to be able to pack the least amount as possible.


That’s it for now! Let me know if you have any tips!


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Okay…that is a little more excitement in that title. I am not saying that Alabama is a bad place, I just have the usual anxiety about travelling somewhere I have never been. Alabama is not a place I have been to. I am going for a conference this weekend. It is actually spring break right now for me.

So, if you are reading this I am currently packing like a crazy person and getting my portfolio together…I hope. I really need to pack and get everything set and done because I have to be ready and out the door by 7:30 AM and the plan is to leave at 8 AM. Yikes! So, here’s to working hard and getting things done.

However, I am working on my sketches for my costume design that are due when I get back. I am not designing another show per se since it isn’t being produced but it is for my class.

-Fleeting Mermaid