Wanderlust #21: Tips For Lack of Cell Service When Traveling

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This is something that I would just like to say is a fault for Straight Talk as a company, their phones are locked until one year later. I went to Berlin on the notion that I would be able to put a temporary sim card on my phone that had data. Sadly, because I had purchased my phone in November of 2016, when May 2017 rolled around, it hadn’t been a year. It was extremely frustrating as an international traveler to not have that stability. So, I wanted to give tips on how to travel with no cellular service.

  1. Download an offline version of Google Maps. My favorite thing to do is to “favorite” all the places that I want to go to and then download an offline map version so that I can reference it when I have no WiFi.
  2. Take screenshots of the subway directions to your destination. You can be super sure and take directions back if you wish.
  3. Addresses and addresses. I would 100% recommend making an excel sheet and typing out all the addresses of the places that you want to go, screenshot it or have an offline copy so that if your map doesn’t work, then you can ask a taxi driver or local how to get to a certain place.
  4. Real maps! You can usually get a map of the area or a subway map at the front of the hotel or hostel that you are staying at. Otherwise, find a visitor center that will have all the information that you will need.

What are your tips when you have no cell service?


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Everyday Inspiration | Phone Quotes

I didn’t know if this would work but I tried it- phone quotes. I thought to myself last year when I was going to school that I needed something to quell my nerves and thoughts while going to orientation. I decided to make a small change.

I think that inspirational quotes are great. I prefer short and simple ones. I have two on my phone right now, one as the lock screen and one as my home screen. I thought that I would share them and why I put them there.

Be Brave: Well, it is kind of self-explanatory because I always need the extra boost of bravery. I also like that it is clean and simple with the black and white contrast. I like phone quotes to be clean and easy to read because this is just a glimpse-look kind of thing.

Be Extraordinary: Okay, this is a little harder because everyone’s defintion of extraordinary is different. I think that being extraordinary is not to be exactly that. Being the best version of yourself is extraordinary in itself, in my opinion.

I thought that phone quotes were something that had to be thought of every time you open the phone but I realized that my brain picks up on the quote and it reminds me to be brave and extraordinary without having it come to the forefront of my mind. I get that little extra boost from looking at my phone.

Do you use phone quotes?



What to Do While Waiting For Food to Cook

Okay, who reading this is always tired of waiting for food to cook? I know that some things take longer so I thought I would share with you what I like to do when I am waiting for food to cook.


There is nothing more exciting than dancing in your kitchen alone and singing with a wooden spoon. I have not sung with a wooden spoon but I have let it all out and danced while waiting.


No more excuses now, huh? Dancing counts but if you are someone who wants to get rid of that chicken wing flub like me, you just start to exercise a little. I am not talking about getting all sweaty but I am saying simple and easy exercises that you can do while making sure your house doesn’t burn down.


Television is great but you HAVE to put a timer on your phone because you might burn the house down. I try not to watch television in case something overheats in the kitchen.


You know, it is always nice to talk to someone while cooking and if there is no one in the house you can always call a friend. Not to mention you can end the conversation on your terms because you are cooking so if you don’t like to be on the phone too long and don’t want to make it awkward, there you go, I have given you an “out”.

| READ |

As I said in the “Television” section, set a timer or limit yourself to a paragraph or page before looking at the food. Depending on how fast you read you can decide. I tend to read a page and then look at the food since I read semi-fast.

Hope that this helps!

What do you do when you are cooking?

-The Mermaid Network

I Just Left the Most Awkward Voicemail for a Potential Job

I shouldn’t talk to someone after 5 P.M., really, I shouldn’t because more than likely they are out of the office. I, of course, take this as the opportunity to call and leave a message that is both chipper and possibly weird if you are the other person on the line. It went something like this:

In a chipper and happy voice, “Hi *name of person*, I just wanted to call you back because I just found out about my acceptance to the university I applied to. This just means that I will not be able to work with you and I am very upset but also really excited to be going to my university. If you have any questions feel free to call me back. Bye!”

Yeah, this is the most awkward voicemail I have left and this is why I hate to talk on the phone with people who are not my family because I just babble. I cannot tell you how awkward it was to leave that message and let all of what I said sink in.

What is the most awkward voicemail or text that you have left for someone?

-The Mermaid Network