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I have always loved video editing. I actually have a youtube account that has all of my manga music videos that I created. So, now that I am out of college, I decided to go ahead and invest a little bit of time into things I love. I love blogging and documenting my life. I also love traveling and remembering where I go through photos and videos. Most of my photos you see on Instagram, but you don’t see the videos. So, I am compiling and creating short travel videos when I go travel. I may also share my travels through video in New York if you are all interested.

Anyway, here is my first official YouTube video. It is all footage from December 2017 when my family and I went on a trip to Disney World. It was my first trip there. Please be kind with any feedback! I have not made too many edits with moving footage, just standard pictures (if you have seen my manga videos).




3 Youtubers That Inspire Me

It has been a long time since I have posted something about YouTube and the inspiration I gain from it. I watch YouTube almost every single day. For me, it is a creative network that I can look to so that I can fuel my blog, life, and just thoughts. YouTube has become such a huge influence in the world and recently, it has been even more of an inspiration. There are 3 YouTubers who are influencing me in the sense of representation, creative style, and generally feel good emotions. They are also amazing fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTubes who you should follow if you haven’t already!


The 3 Youtubers are:
ilikeweylie | Weylie Hoang | Weylie’s YouTube Channel| Weylie’s Instagram
clothesencounters | Jenn Im | Jenn’s YouTube Channel | Jenn’s Instagram
sophiachang | Sophia Chang | Sophia’s YouTube | Sophia’s Instagram

All three ladies are inspiring and I just wanted to write this post in appreciation to how they make me, an Asian American woman, feel and grow as a person.

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Weylie is someone you may know from her tampon instructional video. I started to watch Weylie, probably in 2015, and was inspired by her attitude and happy demeanor. I also watch her vlogs with her boyfriend Wah, and they are very open about their relationship and life. Weylie is that person who can really give you some advice and it resonates and is coming from a good place. She is like an online sister who checks in with you every week or couple of days. I feel like I can watch her videos and really feel at ease with where I am in my life because Weylie, maybe she just doesn’t know it, but she has a way of saying things that really helps me out in times of stress or unknown future.

Related image

Jenn is seriously such a cool girl that has a great sense of style (I mean, all these girls do!) and is there to be a positive force. I feel like Jenn is someone who really puts others first. By watching her videos, she really loves to explore and keep things fresh for herself and for her content on YouTube. Her soon-to-be husband, Ben, is so sweet and they are a strong duo. I just can’t wait to continue watching her videos and being influenced by her personality and videos.

Image result for sophia chang

Sophia is the girl who could literally beat some sense into you. She is a bad-a kind of gal who I feel could be in your corner if you needed a friend. I love the dynamic between her and Weylie because she is someone who can bring out your wild side and make you laugh like crazy. All three girls combined creates an even crazier, amazing, dynamic that I love and envy to have with my own friends. I love her free spirit, awesome tattoos, and no B-S kind of life. She is an inspiration and her videos are just masterpieces.


All three ladies combined create such an awesome trio of ladies who represent Asian Americans in a way that I think relates to a lot of us out there. I seriously cannot wait to see more of their videos and become motivated to really be okay with who I am, what I look like, and being creative.


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My Favorite YouTube Videos of 2015

After a lot of thought over what impacted me the most or what I went back to watch over again, these are the videos that I found made the biggest impact in my life.

Allie Marie Evans, a Youtuber, is someone who has gone from being a beauty vlogger to a director/actor/and inspiration all around. She directed this video that Maddi Bragg is featured in. I think that Maddi is the younger girl in all of us who just likes to have fun and doesn’t quite care what people think. This video is shot beautifully. I also found out about Phoebe Ryan who is the singer in both videos and she has definitely skyrocketed to one of my favorites. I will also say that Phoebe’s songs remind me of making the huge change to move to my sister’s for school. Meghan’s video is below:

Ingrid Nilsen is my absolute favorite YouTuber and I have followed her and her journey since 2011/2012. I really hope that the people that she has touched, those who are afraid, will know that everything is okay and everyone deserves their best chance. I am inspired by Ingrid when she posts a new video because she lets her weird flag fly and an honest self be exposed.

Claire Marshall, aka HeyClaire, is someone I stumbled upon in 2014 and she has been someone who has interested me in the content that she makes. Claire is definitely a beauty guru but she doesn’t let that define her because she pops lifestyle videos in between and it is refreshing. I definitely love her chilled out vibe and easy going personality on camera. The video above is beautifully shot and made. I love it to pieces.

Enjoy these videos and let me know the comments which one of these is your favorite or suggest a video for me down below.


Food For Thought: #FOMO

Welcome to Food For Thought! This is a new segment where I share my opinion and I want you to tell me yours down below. I think that it is great to get into conversation and really understand ongoing events or things that are causing a lot of people to side with one another. I am sharing my opinion so that you can see my view and, hopefully, I can better understand other views too. Open minds everyone!

Now, for today’s topic, this is the definition that I found by just typing in “FOMO”: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

It is really hard not to be entranced by social media and projecting the best parts of you on it. For me, Instagram is where I can share my creativity or love of something. There is something about seeing people I know or work with having the time of their lives while I am sitting at home and watching television. I have learned to cope with missing out on something or pushing myself to make that leap.

For example, I went to a fair and I thought that I would absolutely hate it or have an anxiety attack. I was about to until I just took a mental break for a second and told myself that there is room, yes, there are people but they are not going to hurt me. I am going to be fine. It takes a lot of talking to myself internally so that I can adjust to an environment with a lot of people. I think that FOMO (fear of missing out) has happened to everyone at one time or another.

To become better about hanging out with people and understanding my own personal boundaries, I have asked myself a couple of questions:

When is this happening? I don’t go to parties and I, generally, don’t leave the house after 6:00 PM if I don’t have to. I am just not a person who likes to party at night. I went to one party and it wasn’t something like you see in the movies but it isn’t something that I would go to again. I am just not a party person.

Will they stop asking? I think that it is good to get out once in a while but if I keep saying no to someone to hang out later, eventually they will stop. This does not mean that you should say yes to everything, but if it is something that you feel comfortable with and have time for (right now, school comes first for me). Also keep in mind that you can invite them for a quick coffee run or having lunch together, something small and simple.

Why do I feel like I did something wrong? I didn’t. If someone doesn’t invite me to something it is because they either have their reasons or they just forgot. I try not to overthink things like that anymore because it doesn’t benefit me as a person to dwell on something I can’t control.

Am I really good? Usually, the answer is “yes” because I am introverted and I can catch up on my shows or dedicate more time to you or hang out with my sister. I have the free time with no obligation to people and can enjoy doing something I want.

ALSO, if the people YOU invite out are doing something after all of them cancelled on you, together, well that brings into question if they are really your friends. Friends are supposed to support each other and keep you in their lives. Granted, I can only handle people in small doses, the smaller amount of people, the better. I would not tell someone that they couldn’t come along somewhere if they wanted to, that is not very hospitable.

So, instead of fearing to miss our on something, we should all be enjoying ourselves and the place we are at in life. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of FOMO. If you are still confused, here is a quick video from my favorite YouTuber, Ingrid Nilsen:


4 Easy Ways to Find New Products Without Searching For Ages!

Subscribe to get Ulta magazines! I love getting my Ulta magazines sent to my house because there is nothing better than the coupon on the back cover. I recently went through my Ulta magazine and jotted down the products that interested me in some fashion. I really like that Ulta has decided to start putting in short descriptions which is really helpful and saves you time from having to do extensive research.

Watch YouTube. YouTube has everything and there is hardly any product that hasn’t been reviewed on YouTube or in blogs.

Read blogs. If you are here, then you know or maybe know that I review various beauty products, but there are a lot of bloggers out there that know their stuff and are succinct.

Look into other products from your favorite brand. St. Ives is the brand that I trust with pretty much all of my skin care. I am sure that there is a brand that all of you are fond of more than others. I still like to try new things but sometimes it is great to have a product that doesn’t let you down and works with your skin.

-The Mermaid Network

Inspired by The Kitchy Kitchen

Well for those of you who don’t know this about me, I have started to really fall in love with blogs and there are a certain few that really inspire me. Right now, The Kitchy Kitchen by Claire Thomas is one of those blogs that has everything and anything that someone would like to see whether it be food or fashion. I love that she has amazing recipes and posts often. I found out about The Kitchy Kitchen while watching Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube. What I love about Claire is that she is so easy going but assertive because she doesn’t send her viewers unnecessary information. I like that with almost every sentence, I know I am learning something new. Not to mention that her videos aren’t crazy long so you won’t be stuck to your computer for ages, you can simply spend ten minutes a day and watch up to three videos, no problem!

Here is a refreshing drink for all of you to try this summer since it is pretty simple and can really liven up and add a healthy touch to your daily dose of drinks.

I am constantly inspired by people like Claire because it gives me something to aspire to be close to. I don’t have the best kitchen set up because I am at home but I do my best. I try to make things interesting but I know that my tastes are not the same as others.

Who do you find interesting in the food industry?

-The Mermaid Network

2 Blogs I Am Obsessed With

I am so in love with writing out how I feel and finding my voice. I think that I am still on my way to express myself in a way that is how I would like to talk to others but I am working hard to get there! I have only recently started to save blogs in my favorites list and I check the two I am about to share with you every day, if possible. I have found two blogs from YouTube and I don’t believe that either of them have a YouTube channel but they are connected to someone who does. I am happy to have found them. Warning: I fan girl a lot when it comes to how much I love these two girls and their blogs!


Angelique Cooper is an absolutely amazing person and I can feel her excitement through her words on her blog. I also love to watch her on YouTube with her boyfriend Sawyer Hartman because she is seriously the nicest person. I know that some would say that you cannot judge a person or have bias about them because of one or two videos but she really is sweet. I don’t think that anyone can really enrapture an audience with such a nice aura. You can find fashion, beauty, life, deals in the area, etc. She is such a cool person and I really look up to her even though she is only 20.


Cammy Morrell aka Last of the Moheak is so cool and she is only 20! I find that her direction with her blog and the images that are produced with her fashion posts are “#goals”. I love the vision for each shoot and it is so inspiring. It honestly looks like she has a whole crew! I am inspired by Cammy’s California style with some edge to it. I found Cammy through Nikki Phillipi on YouTube and she is definitely on top of her work and that is inspiring too.

I cannot tell you how cool it would be to work with either of them because they are so cool and inspire me every time I go to their blog. I can only hope that my blog will get to this level of “awesome”.

Okay, enough fan-girling for the day, who are your favorite bloggers to read?

-The Mermaid Network


Alright, so I am sure you all would like a break from the depressing posts you are probably reading. Really, I understand, no one wants to go through such a depressing time at this time of year. So, I decided to interject fun festive youtube related things to this blog! First off, I would like to introduce you all to a youtuber named Missglamorazzi. She is a great youtuber who I look up to as inspiration and she has gotten me through tough times because of her personality and great commitment to her videos.

Currently she is doing a series called DIYDecember and if you have a chance or would like to get really festive for the holidays, you can click HERE. The link will take you to the playlist that she has so you can enjoy it all in one go or just come back to it if you want to watch just a couple at a time.

Here is her first video for DIYDecember, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


See you tomorrow!!